Friday, 14 August 2009

My Weight Loss

This is just a one page blog I will just edit every week to include my newest weight loss.

18 January

This is a blog about my weight loss, I started Weight Watchers on the 18th of November 2008. A program on the tv inspired to to do something about my weight, this program was called "lose 30 stone or die" this was about Colin Corfield who was told that if he didn't lose weight he would die. Colin took a different route to me he decided that gastric surgery was the option for him, not for me, I intend to do it by changing the way I eat. It wasn't the fact that he managed to lose the weight that made me start my weight loss, it was at the start of his program seeing him hardly able to breathe and struggling to get up the stairs that made me think, that I was not far away from being like that.

I have not got as much as Colin had to lose I am 23 stone and have to loss 10 stone 8 pounds, but its still a lot of weight to lose to get to my goal weight of 13 stone 1 pounds. As we are now in January I will list my weight lose from now on

Here is me at Christmas 2008, with my three nieces.

Start weight
Date 18/11/2008 Weight 23.00

Date 25/11/2008 Weight 22.5 loss 9lb

Date 02/12/2008 Weight 22.2 Loss 3lb

Date 09/12/2008 Weight 21.11 loss5 lb

Date 16/12/2008 Weight 21.08 Loss 3lb

Date 23/12/2008 Weight 21.06 Loss 2lb

Date 30/12/2008 Weight 21.03.5 Loss 2.5lb

Date 06/01/2009 Weight 21.00 Loss 3.5lb

Date 13/01/2009 Weight 20.11 Loss 3lb

Date 20/01/2009 Weight 20.08 Loss 3 lb 10% goal reached

Date 27/01/2009 Weight 20.50 Loss 3 lb Total loss to date 37 lb.

Date 04/02/2009 Did not weigh, had to wait for gas man to fix meter.

Date 10/02/2009 Weight 20.01 Loss 4 lb. This was for two weeks, I was really hoping for at least another 1 to 1.5 to take me over the three stone limit.

Date 17/02/2009 Weight 19.12.5 loss 3.5 lb Very pleased today as it now means I am not a twenty something stone man

Date 24/02/2009 Weight 19.9 Loss 3.5 lb today was also the first day that someone noticed or decided to say something about how much I have lost, felt very good :)

Date 02/03/2009 Weight loss STS (Stayed the same) It was a bit of a shock to be honest, I expected to lose at least 3lb and get my 50 lb certificate, Oh well maybe next week. Note: can doing more exercise stop your weight loss I did 70 miles on the bike and 29 miles walking ?

Date 10/03/2009 Weight, 19.2.5 loss 6.5 lb, very, very pleased tonight I also got my 50 lb certificate and I have now lost a total of 53.5 lb.

Date 17/03/2009 Weight, 18.13.5 loss 3 lb, very pleased again, I have now lost 4 stone and half a pound, which puts me in the 18 stone bracket ahead of my plans by one week.

This picture was taken today 22/03/2009 at 18 stone 13.5 lb, a loss of 56.5 lb since the first picture

Date 24/03/2009 Weight 18.10.5 Loss 3lb, another good week.

Date 31/03/2009 Weight 18.9.5 Just a 1 pound loss this week ...... but its still a loss. I have done a lot more cycling this last week so either its muscle mass or my body is holding onto its reserves.
I got a letter today from my leader congratulating me on reaching 20% weight loss.

Date 07/04//2009 Weight 18.7 A loss of 2.5 pounds this week for a total of 63 pounds or in English 4.5 stone. I also had to buy something to wear this week as all my trousers are too big now, so I thought I would risk £8.00 and buy a pair of 3/4 trousers for cycling in Tesco's after being stood there for a while deciding whether to buy the 38 in or the 40in I went for the 38 in and was really shocked but very pleased that they fitted me :) Sometimes these things are better than just reading a weight on the scales. Very pleased with my self.

Date 14/04/2009 Weight 18.4 A loss of 3 pounds this week

Date 21/04/2009 Weight 17.13.5 A loss of 4.5 lb this week which brings me to 5 stone and half a pound.

Date 28/04/2009 Weight 17.10 A loss of 3.5 lb this week, so very close to the 75 lb certificate. Margo also set my goal as well which is now 13 stone and 1 lb pleased with that Smile

Date 05/05/2009 Weight 17.09 A loss of 1 lb this week, which gives me a total loss of 75 lbs and a weight watchers certificate to prove this Smile

Date 13/05/2009 Weight 17.7.5 A loss of 1.5 lb this week.

Date 19/05/2009 Weight 17.3.5 A very good weight loss of 4 lb this week, more exercise than normal BUT I had Sunday as a rest day, lots of water to drink very pleased. Time to get going for those 16's This make a total loss of 80.5 lb's.

I will add an updated picture when I touch the 16's
Date 26/05/2009 Weight 17.3 a loss of .5 lb this week, I didn't expect much as it seems that when I exercise a lot I don't lose much weight that week but the week after. I rode to Monmouth and back on Saturday and Sunday for a total mileage of 97 miles, today I rode to Cirencester and back for 35 miles.

Date 02/06/2009 Weight 16.9.5 a loss of 7.5 lb looks like the bike rides from last week have now caught up, I am very very pleased as this means that I am still on track with my planned loss.
Total loss of 88.5 lbs or 6 stone 4.5 lbs New photo to be added this weekend.

Picture taken today 08/06/2009 at 16.10.5

Date 09/06/2009 Weight 16.9 A loss of 1/2 a pound this week, a bit disappointed I knew it wouldn't be much but would have liked at least one pound. At least it's a loss Smile

Date 16/06/2009 Weight 16.6 A loss of 3lb a good week for a total loss of 92lbs only another 8lb until the big 100lbs.

Date 23/06/2009 Weight 16.2 A loss of 4lb a very good week for a total of 96lbs Smile

Date 29/06/2009 Just an update on clothes sizes. I have already come down to a size 38" waist but have found in the last couple of weeks that the shorts I bought were getting some what loose, so while in tescos I decided to go for a waist size of 36". I also though it would be best to stop wearing a coat in this weather, so I tried on a couple "in the shop!!!!!"" and found that a large size from Tesco's fit me and also upon getting home also found the 36" shorts fitted as well . Very pleased getting into the normal range of clothes now Open-mouthed

Date 30/06/2009 Weight 16.1 A loss of 1lb this week, not bad at all this now makes it an average of 2.9 per week for a total weight loss of 6 stone 12 pound

Date 07/07/2009 Weight 15.12 A loss of 3.5 lb Making a total of 100.5 lbs.

A new picture weight at 15 stone 12 pounds, note 36 inch waist size large top. I know I look unhappy but thats just the way my face is, inside I'm smiling Smile

Date 14/07/2009 a bit of a mess up on my WW card some where in the past my weight should have been 15.12.5 a 99.5 pound loss, made up for it this week with a 1.5 lb loss making me now 15 stone and 11 pounds or 100.1 pound total loss.

Just after starting Weight Watchers on the 26/12/08 I measured myself so I would have a better understanding of where the weight had gone from. Today I found these measurements and thought that I would update them.

-----------26/11/2008------- 16/07/2009
Chest: --------52.5" -------------44"
Hips:--------- 47"--------------- 41"
Stomach: -----53" ---------------41.5"
Waist:-------- 44"--------------- 36"
Thigh: --------28.5" -------------24.5"
Bmi ----------43.7 --------------30.8
Going by Sportracks a program I use to monitor all my exercise, my bmi has gone from 43.7 to 30.8

As we all know the man's waist is measured under the belly Smile unlike a woman's so that is why I gave a stomach measurement. As you can see there is a lot of difference between the two measurements and as I should be I am very pleased. As they seem to do on all the diet programs the total inches lost is 43" what the relevance of that number is I'm not sure, apart from it being quite a lot.

I will update the measurements when I get to goal and see the overall difference.


Date 21/07/2009 No weigh in today, my Mum died at 8.20 tonight. Sad


Date 28/07/2009 Weight 15.7.5 a loss of 3.5 lb. I am surprised about losing this week, I felt I ate loads due to .......... but it seems that even with that I did have some control over my eating. Ah well one more week to go and it will be over, and time to start again.

Date 02/08/2009 I was knocked off my bike today what a month !!!!!Baring teeth

Date 03/08/2009 Buried Mum today sad day.

Date 04/08/2009 weight 17.7.5 no loss this week its not surprising as I have not tracked for a week and a half, although I haven't gone mad on the food. Started tracking again today so back on track again

Date 11/08/2009 Back on the plan yesterday and with what I did last week I have lost another pound now down to 15.6.5. still on time line for Christmas Smile

Date 18/08/2009 Weight 15.04 a loss of 2.5 lbs very pleased to be back on target, a very good meeting tonight lots of ideas and people talking about their loss's. We set a target for Christmas, as I plan to be at goal or very,very near I set mine at goal 13.01.

Date 25/08/2009 Weight 15.03 a loss of 1 lb this week, I did expect more at least 2 but a lbs a lb.

Date 29/08/2009 Not a weight update but a clothes update !!! Smile I have been wearing the same trousers and shorts since 29/ 08/2009 They have been washed though and these have been a size 36". Well today I decided that enough was enough as they were getting very baggy I have to buy some more, so I went to Matalan and tried on some there and found that now I have to buy a 34" waist, I am so happy I am now down into the normal; size clothes Smile I also bought myself a jacket nothing fancy a Regatta one and needed that in a Large.

I am so pleased this time last year I had to buy clothes from a fat man's catalogue, now I can buy my clothes from shops.

Date 01/09/2009 Avery nice weigh in today a 5 lb loss making me now 14stone and 12 pounds a total loss of 8 stone 2 pounds. Really did not expect 5 lb loss thought it would be around 3 pound to take me down to the 15 stone mark.
I am really starting to notice a big difference in my health now, cycling is so much easier than it was I am not so out of breath when climbing the hills and my heartbeat recovers so much faster. I have also taken up running, well I call it running but its like a jog really but on my way to running.

04/09/2009 A new picture today in this I am 14 stone 12 pounds.

Date 08/09/2009 Weight 14 stone 9.5 pounds, another good loss of 2.5 pounds last night I am very happy how things are moving along now.

Date 10/09/2009 I thought I would update my measurements just to see how they were changing.

-----------26/11/2008------- 16/07/2009 -------10/09/2009
Chest: --------52.5" -------------44" ---------------- 41.5"
Hips:--------- 47"--------------- 41" ---------------- 40.5"
Stomach: -----53" ---------------41.5" -------------- 39"
Waist:-------- 44"--------------- 36" ---------------- 34" based on trouser size.
Thigh: --------28.5" -------------24.5" -------------- 24.5
Weight -------22.5 ------------- 15.12.5 ------------ 14.9.5
Bmi ----------43.7 --------------30.8 --------------- 28.7

I do think that this shows weight loss better than weighing as sometimes weight does not change much, but body shape is constantly changing as you lose weight.

These are the clothes sizes that I buy at the moment, trousers size 34" waist, tee shirts are now a large and are now starting to get a bit big, so at some point I will need to go to a medium size and I recently bought a new coat and I got this in a large as well.  I have never been into clothes at all and this was probably because if I ever went into a shop to buy something the chances were that they wouldn't have it in my size. So I would have the embarrassment of being fat and going into the shop and then the embarrassment of nothing fitting me even when it said on the label that it should fit.
Now the difference is that anything in the shop will fit me, which is such a good feeling.

Date 15/09/2009 Weight 14.9 A loss of 1/2 lb this week not bad as I expected a put on or sts, due to the amount of exercise I did last week.

Date 22/09/2009 Weight 14.9.5 A gain of 1/2 a pound,  I felt it could have be more I don't know why as I am sticking to my points but I have started running now as well as the cycling so I am guessing that my body is changing at at some point hopefully next week the losses will start again. As a note to this I managed to run the full 5k last night in one go !

Date 29/09/2009 Weight 14.5 A loss of 4.5 lbs. that's better I knew it would be a better week this week, for one I have stopped using the dreaded coffee mate at 1 pt per teaspoon, two per cup, eight cups a day 16 pts over every work day. I never even considered pointing the coffee mate I will have to be more careful in the future, I have also given up the porridge breakfast even though it was very tasty and lasting I felt it lasted all day and did after a couple of weeks play havoc with my stomach so its back to the old bran and cornflakes.

check out the link to my exercise blog, as I am now running 5k every other day..... who would have believed it

Date 06/10/2009 Weight 14.4 A loss of 1 lb, weight taken at home.

Date 13/10/2009 Weight 14.1 a loss of 3lb (measured at 4 lb at the meeting but I missed the meeting last week and measured at home, so that accounts for the pound). Nearly there now only 1 yes one stone or 14 pound to go now so I will be there before Christmas. Another good thing today is that I ran to work and back not a great time but I did something that I had planned to do at the start of my weight loss program so its a very good day today

Date 21/10/2009 Weight 14.1.5 Again of 1/2 a pound, A long bike ride at the weekend probably accounts for this so I would think a better loss next week. Getting closer now so the losses are going to be smaller.

Date 27/10/2009 Weight 13.13 A loss of 2.5 lb for a total loss of 9 stone and 1 pound, very pleased with this and I now only have another 12 lb until I reach my goal weight of 13.1. My goal was to reach this by Christmas which is now only eight weeks away, its going to be tight but I any still aiming for this, Start the year as a new person.

 Date 01/11/2009. As it's the start of a new month I thought that I would update my measurement chart to show the changes to my body shape.
-----------26/11/2008------- 16/07/2009 -------10/09/2009 ------01/11/2009
Chest: --------52.5" -------------44" ---------------- 41.5"---------   41"
Hips:--------- 47"--------------- 41" ---------------- 40.5"---------   38.5"
Stomach: -----53" ---------------41.5" -------------- 39"-----------   38"
Waist:-------- 44"--------------- 36" ---------------- 34" -----------  32" -
Thigh: --------28.5" -------------24.5" -------------- 24.5-----------  23"
Weight -------22.5 ------------- 15.12.5 ------------ 14.9.5 -------- 13.13
Bmi ----------43.7 --------------30.8 --------------- 28.7 ---------- 27.2

This is for a total overall loss of 52.5 inches ( that's over four foot :) ) and 9.1 stone or 127 lb.

When I started Weight Watchers my clothes sizes were, tee shirts size XXXL I now wear a medium, trouser size was 44" and getting tight I now wear a size 32" and they are starting to get a little loose now. I would think that when I am at goal my shirt size will stay at medium but my trouser size will be 30" although this does depend where they are bought.

And here are some updated photos, I have tried to smile for you........ sort of.

So at the moment I am very close to my Weight Watchers goal weight which is 13.01 stone or 197 lb, and I am hoping to be at goal before Christmas I have 12lb to lose, I then intend to go at least another 7lb below this mark and then start maintenance of this weight. which will be 12.8 stone or 176 lb. The next photo I will put up will be me at goal and I have to say I am really looking forward to this.

Date 3/11/2009 Weight 13.10.5 a loss of 2.5 lb, again a very good weight loss that I am very happy with.

Date 7/11/2009 Had a new pair of work trousers delivered yesterday so I thought I would take a picture of them with one of my old pairs. The pair at the back are a 44" waist the pair at the front are 32" waist, a slight difference. 

Date 10/11/2007 Weight 13.7.5 A loss of 3 lb again I am very pleased with this loss as my cycling has really been hit miles wise because of the now dark nights. I am still cycling to work what ever the weather but I am just not managing to get the miles in the evenings hopefully once the rainy weather stops I will be able to manage some night rides. And we have another new leader.

Date 17/11/2009 Weight 13.6 A loss of 1.5 lb again this is nice to see I expected 1 lb as not very active at the moment due to the weather. 5 lb to go until goal.

Date  25/11/2006 Weight 13.6.5 A gain on of 1/2 pound I expected a pound as I have not ridden my bike much due to the weather. I now have four weeks to lose 5.5 lbs, back on the bike wind or rain :)

Date 01/12/2009 Weight 13.4.5 A loss of 2 lb this week leaving me 3.5 lb to my Weight Watchers goal and 4.5 lb loss to make it  a total loss of 10 stone or 140 lb. Three weeks until Christmas and three meetings to get it done in.

Date 04/12/2009  With eighteen days until the last meeting before Christmas and 3.5 pounds to lose to my goal weight, it looks easy, but its funny how the mind plays tricks on you. My mind keeps saying there's three weeks to go its easy have something more to eat but I know that at this point I don't want to lose it and have decided to be very strict with myself, with food and with  exercise. I was really hoping that the weekend would be better with nicer weather, but alas it looks like it's going to piss down again, so its just going to be a weekend of riding in the rain. I am guessing that a lot of exercise will see a sts or a slight gain on tuesday but then the week after it shows as a loss, I will have to wait and see.
So tomorrow will be a quick 55 mile ride and the same again on Sunday it will be the normal route tomorrow, one big loop and a slightly different one on sunday, may even use the trike on sunday.

Date 08/12/2009 Weight 13.4.5 A stay the same week, and I have to say I was and still am a little bloody disappointed, as I really expected a loss this week, ahh well back on with it as I am still determined to lose this 3.5 lb before Christmas.

Date 15/12/2009 Weight 13.5 Yes thats correct a 1/2 pound gain !! where the hell did that come from ?? Pissed off to say the least.

Date 23/12/2009 Weight 13.8. No your eyes don't deceive you I put on 3lb  how the F**K  does this happen, I know that due to the weather I haven't cycled for four days but ....

** So I didn't make my goal of reaching goal by Christmas, there's no real point worrying about it so I am having christmas eve and christmas day off as I will be going to my sisters then I will start again.

  Everything will be weighed and checked before eating it and I will make goal before the end of January.

Date 31/12/2009 Weight 13.11 I didn't weigh in this week but I did check myself at home and as you can see I put another 3lb on, I know its christmas and all that but it still annoys me. Anyway I have started back to pointing hard and trying to get some cycling in, which is hard due to the weather but I still hope to be at goal by the end of January. I had a picture taken at christmas the same as the first one in the blog just to show myself the difference that 9 stone 5 lb can make.

Date 05/01/2010 Weight 13.8 this has been done at home due to the bad weather, no meeting this week. Its still hard work due to the weather and not being able to get out and ride, I don't mind the cold it's the ice that puts me off !

Date 12/01/2010 Weight 13.6.5 A loss of 1.5 pounds, pleased with this, I have been walking to work and back as I dont really want to cycle until the weather clears and I feel safe again.

Date 19/01/2010 Weight 13.4.5 A loss of 2 lbs very pleased with this I have started cycling as the weather is a bit better and I have also changed my meals around eating less ryvita's and pittas and substituting pasta instead, as it's a better value food. I have also just discovered that there are 0pt salad dressings and mayonnaise, which will mean more usable points for me. Hopefully in a few weeks time I will hit my goal weight of 13.1 stone, there's only 3.5 lb to go :)

Date 23/01/2010. I thought that I would update my stats again, there has not been much change from last time but every 1/2 inch makes a difference, the change in the BMI since the start is a great change though.
----------26/11/08---- 16/07/09 ---10/09/09 ----01/11/09---23/01/10
Chest: -----52.5" ---------44" ----------- 41.5"---   41"-------41"
Hips:------ 47"----------- 41" ----------- 40.5"---   38.5"-----38"
Stomach: --53" ---------- 41.5" --------- 39"-----   38"-------37.5"
Waist:----- 44"-----------36" ----------- 34" -----  32" -------32"
Thigh: -----28.5" ---------24.5" --------- 24.5----  23"--------22.5"
Weight ----22.5 --------- 15.12.5 ------ 14.9.5 -- 13.13-----13.4.5
Bmi -------43.7 ----------30.8 --------- 28.7 ---- 27.2-------26

This is for a total overall loss of 54 inches ( that's over four foot :) ) and 9.9.5 stone or 135.5 lb.

Date 26/01/2010 weight 13.1 BMI 25.5 So a loss of 3.5 pounds and finally I have made my Weight Watchers goal weight and I am feeling very happy with myself. So what's next after getting to goal well now comes, so some say, the hardest part and that is maintaining my weight. With Weight Watchers I have now got into maintenance which means that I can now add up to six points to my daily allowance. At the moment I have an allowance of 27 points so I don't think that I will add any points to that at the moment, as I still want to lose a few more pounds so that I  have a buffer of at least 5 lbs. We shall see how this goes !

The other thing I have decided to do is apply to be a Weight Watchers leader, this is not a spur of the moment thing I have thought about it for a while but have continually talked myself out of saying anything. The thing with losing weight is that you end up feeling fitter having a lot more energy and you feel so much more confident. And being more confident brings a different purpose to life, I would like to help people like me to lose weight and see for themselves how it feels to be a healthier, fitter and more a confident person.


I haven't put a picture of myself on the blog for some time now, to be honest I never look happy in pictures and if I try to smile I look simple but tonight I gave it a go. I received a new cycling top today, now the sizes on these tops are strange if I gave my proper size the top would be, as they say a race fit, or rather skin tight, as I do not want my tops to fit like that you need to order one size up so this one is a large. I am very pleased with the top as it fits really well not too lose and not to tight, also it is quite a different colour to what I would normally wear and is very comfortable.

From this at 23 stone

To this at 13 stone

If I was starting weight watchers from the start again, at 23 stone here are some of the things that I would do correctly.
  • Photographs, take a lot when you start the plan, from the front, side and full length. These will prove so useful to you when you are struggling near your target weight, and give you the inspiration to carry on

  • Measure yourself chest, waist, stomach, hips, thighs, arms etc everywhere in fact. This will prove to you when you have those bad weeks that you might not have lost weight but you have lost size. This will be a major benefit to those who do lots of exercise and then see no result in the scales.

  • Weigh yourself at home now some say don't others do. I had no intention of weighing at home but I was bought a set of scales and the temptation was too much. But all scales are different and mine were wildly off the WW scales so were really no use at all, so its up to you.  
  • There have been lots of posts on the message boards of late about not being able to use up all their points, myself I don't see how this is possible as I have always eaten all my points. So these are my tips
    • Eat all your points every day
    • Weigh everything to start off with 
    • Track everything that goes in your mouth, this is the only way it will work, if you cheat you are only cheating yourself.
    • If you exercise you will earn bonus points, again this is up to you whether you use them or not, I don't and haven't used any of mine during my weight loss. To me it seems odd to do the exercise to lose weight then to eat more food because you feel you have earned it.
As I have now lost enough weight to get to my Weight Watchers goal weight I am now on maintenance to try to control my weight. .


                                                 Update 24/06/2010

I thought it might be nice to update this bog, six months after getting to goal. Maintenance at times has been quite hard in fact it has been harder than losing the weight in the first place ! But I have been successful in maintaining for six months now, my weight does vary between 12stone 12 lbs and 13 stone 2 lbs, which I don't consider to be too bad.
I do though feel fantastic I am not sweaty any more and never get out of breath, walking or cycling anywhere, in fact my cycling has taken me on new challenges I joined Audax UK at the end of last year to give me some cycling challenges and to give me somewhere to ride too, so far this year I have ridden a total of ...
Six 100km rides
Ten 200 km rides
One 300km ride

I have more rides booked for the coming months a 400km and 600km I have also started on my first RRTY, which means I intend to ride a 200km ride throughout the year. I am hoping that by the end of the Audax season which is November that I will have completed my first Super Randonneur series and I am also planning on completing the Super Randonneur 2000 by adding in a 500km ride as well.

Its strange how much I feel I have changed just by losing some weight, I feel more confident and relaxed I am now helping out at the meetings rather than being a leader, just don't have the time at the moment to become one, maybe in the future though.

To all those that worry that with losing large amounts of weight that they will be left with rolls of skin, I would say give it time after your weight loss for your body to change. I was lucky and was only left with a louse stomach and not much at that, but even that is still changing and is getting smaller so if you are in the same situation do not panic but give your body time to change, it will ... it just needs time.